Where The Butterflies Go - Cover 1.jpg

COMING SOON! (after we finish a whole lotta filming and editing)

Synopsis: Tired of his dead end job, idiot filmmaker and amateur clown, Fraser Jones, decides to spend all his money on a camera and campervan with high hopes of becoming the next great nature show host of children’s television. He sets out to follow the miraculous three-thousand mile migration of the Monarch Butterfly from Canada to Mexico and finds himself in a continuous series of misadventures and surprisingly enriching encounters with butterfly experts and enthusiasts along the way. As his constant blunders and gaffes challenge his dreams of television stardom, Fraser turns his full focus to the story of the Monarch Butterfly in an earnest, though hapless attempt to combat climate change and save an endangered species.

To inquire about being involved, saving some butterflies, and making a tax-deductible donation to the film, please email colinfraserjones@gmail.com